Powder handling and conveying systems from Co.Ra.

Co.Ra.Co.Ra. Is an Italian manufacturer of bulk material handling systems for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, as well as a specialist in powder transport systems between existing equipment.

The company offers a wide range of lifting systems, valves, crushing and dosing systems, unloading bags and big bags. 

The unloading systems for bags and big bags are equipped with the HR Crusher crushing system, which is installed at the exit from the loading hopper and performs the function of crushing lumps that have arisen during the storage stage.

Crushers from Co.Ra. Is an ideal solution for pre-grinding the product, which is especially important for moisture-absorbing materials such as metformin, and materials that tend to form lumps, such as sugar, salt, silicates and other chemical and food products.

The crushers have a simple and compact design that allows for easy inspection and cleaning. The equipment complies with GMP requirements and is also FDA certified. The manufacturer also manufactures equipment according to the individual requirements of the Customer, explosion-proof design and version for clean rooms are possible.

Also, Co.Ra. invites you to take the opportunity and carry out tests with your product at a production facility in Italy.

Crushing system

Rotary valve



Bags and big bags unpackers

Bin lifting and positioning system




Butler & Partner is the official representative of Co.Ra. in Ukraine.





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