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PharmaTechExpo Journal is an exclusive official edition of the International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PharmaTechExpo.

Publisher – Exhibition Organizing Committee.

Download the latest issue – PharmaTechExpo Journal – SPECIAL ISSUE 2021 or read online.

The main headings of the journal:

PharmaTechExpo Journal– PharmaTechExpo Journal – International Exhibition PHARMATechExpo and International Congress of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Events, news, facts and figures

– New products and achievements of companies

• Production and non-production equipment

• Raw materials and ingredients

• Complex solutions for pharmaceutical companies

• Packaging and labeling equipment

• Laboratory and analytical equipment

• Technologies and equipment for water purification and water treatment

• Technologies for the production of medical and cosmetic products, parapharmaceutical products, medical products

• Services for companies in the pharmaceutical industry

– Applicable standards and regulatory requirements

– Technical regulation and quality assurance


– New items in the line of pharmaceuticals

– Novelties of medical devices, medical and cosmetic products, parapharmaceuticals in the nomenclature of pharmaceutical manufacturers




PharmaTechExpo Journal №3-4, 2020

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PharmaTechExpo Journal №1-2, 2020

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PharmaTechExpo Journal №4, 2019

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PharmaTechExpo Journal №2-3, 2019

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PharmaTechExpo Journal №1, 2019

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PharmaTechExpo Journal №0, 2018

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