Technoprolab LLC supply and technical service of the laboratory and industrial equipment. Engineering, validation, research service.
There are the official representative:
Cole-Parmer, USA manufacturer and exporter more 60 thousand of names of the equipment, devices and materials.
Masterflex, ISMATEC – peristaltic pumps and systems for accurate and high-precision filling, as well as for transportation of solutions from micro to macro volumes.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (USA, EU) – Hoses, tubes, fittings and clamps. A wide range of sizes and materials, taking into account the conditions of application and physico-chemical compatibility.
Ellab A/S (Denmark) innovative high-precision systems for monitoring and qualification of processes and equipment. Wired and wireless solutions for high-precision measurement of temperature, pressure, vacuum, humidity, conductivity, СО2.

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