Michael Kurako LLC

“Michael Kurako” company provides production, filling and packaging equipment for a wide range of products in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industry and is an official representative of the leading European manufacturers of processing and packaging equipment, which meet the requirements of worldwide standards (GMP and FDI).
Partners of “Michael Kurako” are reputable international manufacturers: L.B. Bohle(granulators, mixers, coaters),Korsch AG (tablet presses), Optima Pharma (filling of syringes, cartridges, different vials; freeze-driers; isolators), HeinoIlsemann (thermoforming and cartoning machines), WaldnerGmbH&Co. KG (vacuum driers, mixing reactors), SarongS.p.A. (machines for packing suppositories, unit doses, packaging materials), Seidenader (inspection machines, Track&Trace), GUK (automatic folding machines), NETZSCH Vakumix(technological equipment for liquid viscous homogeneous products production), Enflex (packing of free-flowing, viscous and single-piece products into sachets), BELIMED SAUTER AG (washing GMP machines and steam sterilizers), MG2 (filling of capsules), Perfect Pack(packing into sachets, complete packaging line).
The main aim of the Michael Kurako Team is not only to provide clients with high-quality and modern equipment, but also with spare parts and service backup during warranty period, as well as post-guarantee maintenance.

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