IKF Service Plus, LTD

IKF Service Plus is widely known in the dairy industry company that equips the dairy plants and laboratories equipment for determining milk quality.
IKF Service Plus is the exclusive distributor and representative: Bulteh 2000 (Bulgaria) – ultrasonic milk analyzers Ekomilk, Bioo Scientific (USA) – test systems for determining antibiotics in milk, ELISA kits for the food products analysis, Advanced Instruments (USA) – monitoring and measuring equipment for dairy, pharmaceutical industry, medicine, research laboratories – test system Fluorophos (analysis of alkaline phosphatase, milk pasteurization confirmation) Cryoscope (determination milk freezing point), Osmometer (measuring osmotic pressure and concentration of osmotic active substances).
We supply electronic control equipment for determining the pH/ORP, conductivity, buffer and cleaning solutions of trade mark XS instruments (Italy), laboratory equipment for chemical analysis of raw milk – centrifuges, cryoscopes, water bath, the other of Astori Tecnica (Italy) and Funke-Gerber (Germany).

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