Post-event press release the IX International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PHARMATechExpo

PharmaTechExpo 2018

The IX International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PHARMATechExpo was held on October 17-19, 2018 at KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center.

This Expo was the only venue in Ukraine where one can see how a medicinal product “is born” and what equipment is used for the entire manufacturing process: how a drug substance is produced and how the quality of raw materials, manufacture and packaging is controlled, and how products are transported and stored. 


PHARMATechExpo in Facts and Figures

2,546 sq.m. of exhibition area

128 corporate participants and trademarks from Austria, UK, Bulgaria, Brazil, Denmark, India, Spain, Italy, China, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, and Japan.

2,355 registered specialists from all regions of Ukraine and other countries

8 research and practical events


Organized by LMT Company

 With the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control, the public enterprise The State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

In cooperation with: public enterprises The Ukrainian Scientific Pharmacopeia Center for the Quality of Medicinal Products, UKRMETRTESTSTANDART, and UKRMEDCERT

Official Exhibition Partner — Mikhail Kurako Company

Partners: Bütler&Partner, ЕCI Packaging Ltd, HARKE Pharma GmbH, ROMMELAG ENGINEERING, WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH, OMAG S.R.L., ChemMix, ShimUkraine, Intertech Corporation, SOK TRADE, Alsi LTD, ALSI-KHROM, ALT Ukraine Ltd, Ukrorgsintez, Analitek, MixLab, Analytik Jena, Cole-Parmer, and MACROLAB, Waters Corporation

Exhibition Sponsor — Representative offices of Air France and KLM Airlines in Ukraine

General Media Partner – the Pharmaceutical Industry Magazine


Cutting-edge equipment and advanced technologies at one site PHARMATechExpo brought together all the leaders of the pharmaceutical market and presented the most well-known brands of equipment and up-to-date technologies.


The equipment, goods and services were presented by: ЕCI Packaging Ltd, HARKE Pharma GmbH, IMCoPharma, INTERTECH Corporation, Mikhail Kurako, Jiangsu Hualan New Pharmaceutical Material Co., PARLE ELIZABETH TOOLS PVT, ROMMELAG ENGINEERING, WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH, ZETA Biopharma GmbH, ALSI LTD, ALSI-KHROM, Analitek, ANALIT SYSTEM UKRAINE, BWT Ukraine, Bütler&Partner, Datapharm, Eurojet, KITMED, VF, LAB-SERVICE, MACROLAB LTD, MIXLAB, MILLE, MK Engineering, Novafilter Technology, OMAG S.R.L., Sartokarat, SEFAR, SYSTEMA LTD, JV KBT, SOK TRADE, Union of Business Automation Companies, THERMOENGINEERING, Technovagy, Technoprolab, UKRORGSINTEZ, Pharmmash, PHARMPROM, PharmFilter, FILT-TECH, ChemMix, Validation Center, ShimUkraine, Steiner-Ukraine, AAPL Solutions, Changzhou Yuanda Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., OtiPharm Research, Sympatec GmbH, KABELPHARMTEKHNIKA, Ledum, HEREX, CBC-ARTA, Turia and many others.


Manufacturers and official representatives of many world market leaders presented modern packaging and production equipment that meets European and world quality standards. The equipment ranged from machinery to complete turn-key solutions and plants.

The list of products included modular cleanrooms, weighing and dispensing systems, mixers and granulators, homogenizers and blenders, shredders and disintegrators, dryers, boilers, autoclaves, extractors, granulators, dissolvers, tablet presses and capsule fillers, coaters, viscometers and other technological equipment.

Special packaging equipment for blistering, tube filling, thermoforming, cardboard machines, bottling and sealing stations, labeling machines and many other facilities were also presented at the exhibition.

In line with current market trends, many companies expanded their product portfolios and presented serialization and aggregation systems, new filtering technologies, new pumping equipment and accessories, and innovative IT platforms.

Water purification and water treatment systems for pharmaceutical production were also widely presented.

Specialists of the pharmaceutical industry had an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of analytical equipment, to get first-hand advice from manufacturers and to attend master classes to see how the new technical solutions work in practice.


The list of trademarks presented at PHARMATechExpo-2018 was equally impressive – AccuMac, Agierre, Agilent Technologies, Analytik Jena, Antares Vision, B&D Italia, Belimed, Bergami, Bohle, Brevetti Angela, BWT Pharma&Biotech, Cobetter, Cole-Parmer, Comas, Dividella AG, Dott. Bonapace&Co., Enflex, Etipack, Favea, Fensor, Frewitt, GUK, Hitachi, Kambic, Kinematica, Koenig&Bauer, Korsch, MadgeTech, MBW, Mediseal, Merk Millipore, MG2, Miele, Nemesis, NETZSCH Vakumix, O.M.A.R., OMAG, Optima pharma, Parle Global Technologies, Perkin Elmer, Pharma Technology, Pharmacoat, PRIMERA, Riera Nadeu, Romaco, Sarong, Sartorius, Sefar Pharma GMP, Seidenader, Shimadzu, Siemens, Steiner Pumps, Steriline, TA Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Three-Tec, Waldner, WIPOTEC-OCS, ZIRBUS Technology, PPS Pfennig Profi System, Tiflex, Weber, Nerex, NITRITEX and many others.



The research and practical program of the IX International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PHARMATechExpo, better known in the professional community as the Pharmaceutical Industry Days, focused on many important issues, such as pharmacopoeial control of the quality of medicinal products (a conference organized by the public enterprise The Ukrainian Scientific Pharmacopeia Center for the Quality of Medicinal Products), the strategy and tactics of implementing ISO 13485:2016 requirements (a workshop held by UKRMEDCERT), regulatory requirements and practical issues of data integrity in accordance with GMP requirements (an event organized by  Standards, Technology, Development LLC) and others.


In total, eight research and practical events were held for professionals of the pharmaceutical industry.

It was the first time when LMT Company organized both the Expo and a two-day seminar “Laboratory Quality Control Methods for Pharmaceutical Products: Opportunities & Prospects” attended by representatives of Analitek, MACROLAB, Sok Trade, ShimUkraine, ALSI-KHROM, Bio-Rad Laboratories, ALSI Ltd, and Intertech Corporation who had an opportunity not only to learn about innovative analytical equipment for pharmaceutical production, but also to attend a master class held directly on the exhibition booth, including in particular, ShimUkraine.

The workshop “SIEMENS. Win the race against time” given by SIEMENS-Ukraine was focused on the prospects of automation and digitalization in the pharmaceutical production.

Serialization and aggregation – the topics which were the focus of another practical workshop “Pharmaceutical Serialization and Track&Trace Systems in Ukraine” given by Eurojet and SOFTGROUP (Bulgaria) – were of great interest.


Although held on the third day of the exhibition, two events drew a full house and deserve special mention – the workshop “Pharmaceutical Engineering based on ISPE Guidelines” (held by VIALEK Group) with its very charismatic speaker Jiri Moninets, General Manager at G.M. PROJECT COMPANY (Czech Republic), and the workshop “Medical Items in the Nomenclature of Pharmaceutical Producers. Assessment of Compliance of Medical Items for In Vitro Diagnostics” held by the Ukrainian Research Institute for Certification (UNI-CERT LLC).


Notably that this year the qualitative and quantitative composition of the exhibition visitors has increased significantly.

The professional audience of our visitors was 2,355 specialists from all regions of Ukraine and other countries, including top and senior management, chief engineers, chief mechanical engineers, logistics managers, key technologists, laboratory managers, quality experts working for well-known Ukrainian and foreign companies such as PJSC Pharmak, PJSC Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa, PJSC Borschagovsky KhFZ, JSC Kyiv Vitamin Plant, Arterium Corporation, PJSC Phytopharm, PJSC Infuzia, PJSC  Indar, NVK Interpharmbiotech, TDV Interkhim, Pharma Start LLC, Pharmex Group Ltd., JSC Lekhim-Kharkiv, PJSC PHARMSTANDART-BIOLEK, Yuria-Pharm Corporation, Nikopharm, Novofarm-Biosintez Firm Ltd., Pharmaceutical Company Minskintercaps, FarCoS Pharmaceutical Company, Biopharma, Valartin Pharma LLC, PJSC Kyivmedpreparat, Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine Ltd., PJSC Halychpharm, Ukrainian-Spanish Joint Venture Sperko Ukraine and many others.


The Organizing Committee would like to say thank you to partners, participants, visitors, and media partners and invite you to participate and visit the next exhibition – The X Anniversary International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PHARMATechExpo to be held on September 17-19, 2019 at ACCO International Exhibition Center, 40-B Peremohy Ave (Shuliavska Metro Station, Alexander Pushkin Park), Kyiv, Ukraine. 


For more information please contact:

Tel./fax: +380 (44) 206-10-99, 98



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