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International Exhibition of equipment
and technologies for the pharmaceutical industry
PHARMATechExpo | September 27–29, 2022

Venue: EC ACCO International
Ukraine, Kyiv Ⓜ Shuliavska – Peremohy Avenue, 40-B, Pushkin Park

International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for the pharmaceutical industry PHARMATechExpo is the only exhibition in Ukraine that presents the whole process of pharmaceutical production – from the development of substances and quality control of raw material, equipment for production of pharmaceutical products and packaging technologies to transportation, storage of medical products and recruitment.

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PHARMA EQUIPMENT – Production and non-production equipment

  • Fermentation and chemical synthesis equipment
  • Grinding, mixing and sieving equipment
  • Concentration and purification equipment
  • Drying equipment
  • Equipment for production ready-made forms
  • Recycling equipment
PHARMA PACK – Packaging and labeling equipment

  • Equipment for the production of containers and packaging
  • Packaging equipment
  • Marking and coding equipment
  • Complex lines for the production of commercial products
  • Equipment for filling, capping, seaming, labeling
  • Weighing, dosing, sorting, calibration and filling equipment
  • Raw materials and consumables for the manufacture of packaging
  • Automation systems
  • Equipment for testing and control
  • Final packaging lines
  • Finished products (containers and packaging)
PHARMA SOLUTIONS – Complex solutions for pharmaceutical enterprises

  • Designing and creating complete infrastructure of pharmaceutical enterprise
  • Engineering solutions
  • Technological solutions
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Modern information technologies and transmission facilities
  • Financial solutions
PHARMA LAB & Control – Laboratory and analytical equipment

  • Analytical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Equipment for testing, measuring and control
  • Tools and equipment for laboratories
  • General laboratory (additional) equipment
  • Reagents and materials
  • Laboratory glassware and medical consumables
  • Provision of biological investigations and clinical trials
  • Instrumentation and equipment for quality control departments
PHARMA CLEANTECH – Clean rooms technologies

  • Clean rooms on turnkey basis
  • Overalls for clean rooms
  • Equipment for air sewage treatment
  • Equipment for sterilization
  • Industrial cleaning and disinfection
PHARMA RAW – Raw materials and components

  • Raw materials for pharmaceutical production
  • Active and inactive ingredients
  • Substances
PHARMA WATER – Technologies and equipment for waste treatment, water treatment in pharmaceutical industry

PHARMA COLD & CLIMA – Industrial refrigeration and climatic equipment for pharmaceutical enterprises

PHARMA SERVICE – Services for pharmaceutical companies

PHARMA COSMETIC – Technologies for production of cosmetic products

  • Raw materials and ingredients for cosmetics
  • Equipment for cosmetic production
  • Packing and packing equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Clinical trials
  • Cosmetic production on turnkey basis

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