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International Exhibition of equipment and technologies
for the pharmaceutical industry PHARMATechExpo
October 27–29, 2020

Venue: Ukraine, Kyiv,
40-B Peremohy Avenue, ACCO International Expo Center, Pushkin Park,
Shuliavska metro station or Politekhnichnyi Instytut metro station

International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for the pharmaceutical industry PHARMATechExpo is the only exhibition in Ukraine that presents the whole process of pharmaceutical production – from the development of substances and quality control of raw material, equipment for production of pharmaceutical products and packaging technologies to transportation, storage of medical products and recruitment.


PHARMA EQUIPMENT – Production and non-production equipment

  • Fermentation and chemical synthesis equipment
  • Grinding, mixing and sieving equipment
  • Concentration and purification equipment
  • Drying equipment
  • Equipment for production ready-made forms
  • Recycling equipment
PHARMA SOLUTIONS – Complex solutions for pharmaceutical enterprises

  • Designing and creating complete infrastructure of pharmaceutical enterprise
  • Engineering solutions
  • Technological solutions
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Modern information technologies and transmission facilities
  • Financial solutions
PHARMA LAB&Control – Laboratory and analytical equipment

  • Analytical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Equipment for testing, measuring and control
  • Tools and equipment for laboratories
  • General laboratory (additional) equipment
  • Reagents and materials
  • Laboratory glassware and medical consumables
  • Provision of biological investigations and clinical trials
  • Instrumentation and equipment for quality control departments
PHARMA RAW – Raw materials and components

  • Raw materials for pharmaceutical production
  • Active and inactive ingredients
  • Substances
PHARMA WATER – Technologies and equipment for waste treatment, water treatment in pharmaceutical industry

PHARMA COLD&CLIMA – Industrial refrigeration and climatic equipment for pharmaceutical enterprises

PHARMA SERVICE – Services for pharmaceutical companies

PHARMA COSMETIC – Technologies for production of cosmetic products

  • Raw materials and ingredients for cosmetics
  • Equipment for cosmetic production
  • Packing and packing equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Clinical trials
  • Cosmetic production on turnkey basis

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