Congratulations on the bright Easter Day!

Congratulations on the bright Easter Day

Romaco Noack Unity 300 blister packaging line – Sustainable design concept cuts costs

RomacoRomaco Noack has developed the Unity 300 blister line for the low to medium speed segment. The compact monobloc was designed with economic and ecological principles in mind: climate-neutral, digital and extremely efficient.  More

Congratulations on the Spring holiday!

Congratulations on the Spring holiday – March 8 !

Powder handling and conveying systems from Co.Ra.

Co.Ra.Co.Ra. Is an Italian manufacturer of bulk material handling systems for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, as well as a specialist in powder transport systems between existing equipment.

The company offers a wide range of lifting systems, valves, crushing and dosing systems, unloading bags and big bags.  More

Filling and capping solutions from Comas S.r.l.

ComasRecently, the Italian manufacturer of pharmaceutical filling and sealing lines, Comas S.r.l., manufactured a new line with ophthalmic flow meter technology for one of the customer’s production sites in France.  More

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