HICOF invites you to its stand C-1 at the XI International exhibition PharmaTechExpo!

HICOFHICOF Next Generation Track and Trace: one system, one supplier and one responsibility.

Hicof is an independent Swiss software developing and machine building company with a strong track record in the Pharmaceutical industry. 

We supply systems which allows applying an individual barcode on each sales pack (serialization) as enabler to reduce cost, improve flexibility and ensure legal compliance. Hicof’s unique selling proposition is the turn-key offering of our serialization data management software in combination with our high-quality production lines for coding and aggregating of sales packs. At the time being, serialization is mandated on pharmaceutical products in over 50 countries worldwide.


Our products are:

Hicof AMACENA: Cloud based database for managing serial data.

Currently, a cascade of servers according ISA-95 is required as IT-backbone for serialization, starting on line level, through site up to corporate level. Offered by a multitude of suppliers, interfaces are needed between the different database levels creating performance bottlenecks and data integrity issues as multiple redundant data entries are needed. The solution: AMACENA is one single, integrated solution replacing this demanding landscape. AMACENA uses state of the art Internet & Cloud technologies, minimizing investments and running cost, making this solution extremely attractive also for smaller and mid-size companies.



Hicof AMACODER: Is an innovative, all-in-one serialization/ tamper evident labeling line. The patented box transport system, realized with proven industry components, ensures the controlled, precise flow of products through the line, guaranteeing high coding and labeling quality. This new transport mechanism allows for building extremely short machines. The line is built in Swiss quality and incorporates first tear technical components.

For serialization, the Russian Federation mandates the application of a Data Matrix Barcode which includes the so-called Crypto code, a sequence of 44 numeric characters. Printing such a Barcode which is 36 x 36 modules big is demanding. Under condition of a correct machine setting, the use of good packaging carton qualities and Hicof ink cartridges, sustainable results of Grade A according ISO 15415, can be achieved. The base for this excellent result is the high coding quality of the AMACODER due to its slow printing speed and precise guiding of the box.



Hicof AMAPACKER is a high-performance, semi-automatic case packer which is driven by electric servomotors, ensuring low cost operation. The machine is built in stainless steel and anodized aluminium. The format part are low cost and its change is quick and very easy. Hicof AMAPACKER  is designed to support the aggregation process of secondary packaging level folding boxes into shipping cases.

Through serialization the supply chain becomes more transparent, making it harder for criminals to infiltrate counterfeits into the market. Nevertheless, compromising these serialization infrastructures is possible because standard ISO barcodes are used for marking the items.


These standard barcodes can be easily copied with off the shelf equipment. Today’s serialization infrastructures hardly detect manipulations. This weakness is known by criminals and in fact counterfeits of serialized products have already been reported. Hicof has the solution to eliminate this risk, by offering Hicof THYMARIS a patent protected software suite allowing to differentiate between original barcodes and reprints.


Hicof THYMARIS is pure software solution adding an additional security layer to Track & Trace systems allowing to distinguish between original barcodes and reprints without the use of additives, purely based on visual data.

It is a highly effective security system for fighting against product piracy offering the following benefits:


• Closes security gaps in Track & Trace systems;

• Purely software based; No cumbersome marking substances used;

• Runs automatically with existing Track & Trace infrastructures of any manufacturer;

• Authentication of suspect samples is possible with off the shelf smartphones at a large scale.


Come to the International Exhibition PharmaTechExpo on October 27-29 and visit the company’s booth in person!



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