IX International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for the pharmaceutical industry PHARMATechExpo

pharmatechexpo 2018

PHARMATechExpo – the IX International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry – will be held on October 17-19, 2018 at the EC “KyivExpoPlaza” (2-b Salutna Str., Kyiv, Nyvky Metro Station).

Why is it unique? It is the only venue in Ukraine where one can see how a medicinal product “is born” and what equipment is used for the entire manufacturing process: how a drug substance is produced and how the quality of raw materials, manufacture and packaging is controlled, and how products are transported and stored. 


PHARMATechExpo is organized by LMT Company with the support of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control, the public enterprise The State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

The exhibition is sponsored by representative offices in Ukraine Air France – KLM.

Mikhail Kurako Company is the Official Exhibition Partner, and the Pharmaceutical Industry Magazine is the General Information Partner.


Cutting-edge equipment and advanced technologies at one site

PHARMATechExpo hosts various feature areas, such as:

  • EQUIPMENT (production and non-production equipment for fermentation and chemical synthesis; grinding, mixing, and sieving; concentration and purification equipment; drying and manufacture of finished dosage forms; and waste recycling)
  • PACK (packaging and packaging equipment: pre-packaging and closing equipment; packaging of finished dosage forms; integrated lines for manufacture of marketed products; labeling equipment; packaging materials; polymer and glass containers and equipment)
  • SOLUTIONS (package solutions for pharmaceutical companies: design and development of the entire infrastructure; engineering and technological solutions; security and fire safety systems; up-to-date IT solutions and data transmission facilities; financial solutions for manufacture needs)
  • LAB & Control (laboratory and analytical equipment including measuring, control, and regulating equipment; tools and equipment for laboratories; laboratory furniture; general (auxiliary) laboratory equipment; reagents and materials; laboratory glassware and consumables; supplies for biological research and clinical trials; devices and equipment for quality control departments)
  • CLEANTECH (cleanroom technology: turnkey cleanroom solutions, sterilization facilities, cleanroom apparels; air purification facilities; industrial cleaning and disinfection for the pharmaceutical industry)
  • RAW (raw materials and ingredients)
  • WATER (water purification and treatment technologies and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry)
  • COLD & CLIMA (industrial refrigeration and climate control equipment for pharmaceutical companies)


Two more feature areas – SERVICE (services for pharmaceutical companies) and HR (staff education and training) – will offer information on specific educational institutions, trainings, workshops and other educational initiatives.

PHARMATechExpo is a must-visit event as the Expo brings together all the leaders of the pharmaceutical market and presents the most well-known brands of equipment and up-to-date technologies.

There will be more than 120 exhibitors and trademarks so you could meet many renowned companies including but not limited to AAPL Solutions, Comeser, ECI Packaging Ltd (USA), Filt-Tec, HARKE Pharma GmbH, IMCoPharma as, Jiangsu Hualan New Pharmaceutical Material Co., ROMMELAG ENGINEERING, SEFAR AG, BWT Ukraine, Butler & Partner, Mikhail Kurako, MK Engineering, Novafilter Technology, OMAG S.R.L., OS-Technology Ukraine, PHARMMASH, Validation Center, Steiner-Ukraine and many others.

The list of trademarks to be presented at PHARMATechExpo is equally impressive –AQOAT, Axomatic, BELIMEDSAUTERAG, Bergami, BWT Pharma & Biotech, Carbomer, Cellets, COMAS, Cora, Effytec, Frewitt, Fuchs, Gohsenol, GUK, Heino llsemann, HPMC phtalate, Ilpra, Imanpack, KINEMATICA, LBBohle, L-HPC, MadgeTech, MG2, MINDRAY, МСС, NETZSCH Vakumix, Nicomac, Parker Domnick Hunter, Parker Hiross, PEO, Perfect Pack, Perkin Elmer, Pharmacoat, Metolose, PVP, RieraNadeu, Romaco, Russell Finex, Seidenader, SEJONG PHARMATECH Co., Shellac, Steriline, Waldner GmbH & Co.KG, Sarong SpA – this list is far to be exhaustive.


PHARMATechExpo-2018 is expected to be more ambitious and impressive event than ever since the number of participants and the exhibition area grow year by year.

No need to go to Düsseldorf or Milan – PHARMATechExpo-2018 is a great chance to see global achievements and developments here, in Ukraine. To visit the Expo and attend research and practical events for free, please register on the website and get your e-ticket – this will take a few minutes only.


We give you both – impressions and knowledge

The research and practical program of the 9th International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry PHARMATechExpo, better known in the professional community as the Pharmaceutical Industry Days, focuses on many issues, such as pharmacopoeial control of the quality of medicinal products (a conference organized by the public enterprise The Ukrainian Scientific Pharmacopeia Center for the Quality of Medicinal Products), the strategy and tactics of implementing ISO 13485:2016 requirements (a workshop held by UKRMEDCERT), regulatory requirements and practical issues of data integrity in accordance with GMP requirements (an event initiated by Standards, Technology, Development LLC), and verification of the chain for supply of raw materials and transportation of medicines (a research and practical seminar organized by the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Quality Institute).

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PHARMATechExpo-2018 invites everyone who would like:

  • to know the latest developments and trends in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • to establish business contacts and strengthen business relations with partners;
  • to share experience with peers
  • to talk to manufacturers and suppliers of equipment


What? A unique event for representatives of the pharmaceutical industry

Where? Exhibition Center “KyivExpoPlaza” (2-b Salutna Str., Kyiv, Nyvky Metro Station)

When? October 17-19, 2018


For more information please contact:

Tel./fax: +380 (44) 206-10-99, 206-10-98



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